“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible” – MaryAnne Kohl

Our mission is to support your child to build their self confidence, social skills and relieve stress through art. Your child will have a guided experience to encourage and enhance their development and growth of individual artistic capability.

Picasso stated that, “Every child is an artist!”; our objective is to bring that artist out in our students.

Your child will receive a unique experience through painting and soapstone carving in a loving and nurturing environment that ensures your child will receive individual attention and guidance through the art project so they can proudly showcase their work.

“Penny is a kind, warm hearted and talented teacher. My daughter loves her classes and the creations she brings home are amazing (everything comes home framed and ready to display)! Penny has helped my daughter increase her confidence and skills ... Thank you!” – Nina Stevens

What makes Canvastone Studio special?

Your child is our top priority!

  • Your child will receive personalized attention with the small classes of maximum 7 students per class.
  • The children sit around a horseshoe shaped table with the instructor in the middle which allows the instructor to keep an eye on every child`s progress, and the students can all easily see what the instructor is demonstrating.
  • Your child will be taken through each project step by step, ensuring success with the creation of their masterpiece.
  • Your child has a variety of art projects to choose from.
  • Everything in painting goes home in a frame and ready to hang.
  • We only use good quality supplies in all our projects.
  • Flexibility of the number of times your child can attend.

We do our best to accommodate our parents’ busy schedule

  • You will receive 2 free catch up classes if you need to miss classes due to holidays, illness or other conflicts in your schedules.
  • Early drop off and late pickup is available upon request.
  • Classes can start and stop anytime.
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What people are saying about Canvastone and the classes:

“My son has been going to this studio for almost 5 years and he likes it a lot. We like the friendly atmosphere there, kids feel like at home. Penny leads painting. She is a very nice person and great with kids. Not only do they offer painting, but also soapstone, which Terry leads. He is a great teacher and helps the kids feel proud about their accomplishments. What we consider important is their flexibility when it comes to make up classes. For instance when my son is sick or has some overlapping activities, Penny is more than happy to accommodate us. If a child doesn't finish his or her project by the end of the term, they even offer free additional class to allow the kids to complete their projects. I highly recommend this studio.” - Irene N
“An amazing place to learn art! Both my children love going to soapstone carving class and paint class. My son wishes he could go every second day instead of every second week. The paintings my daughter brings home are amazing, especially since these are her first art lessons ever. Their lessons are quality lessons, children enjoy the environment and they are amazing at making up a class if you miss a class. If I could give them 6 stars out of 5 I would.” - Pam Winski
“My girls just started at Canvastone this September and I am amazed at the art work they are bringing home. They are only 7 years old and by having small classes and amazing teachers they are able to produce the best quality art. Penny has a passion for the arts and her studio is well set up and has everything needed. These art pieces are one of a kind and I am shears excited to see what my girls bring home. I only wish that I would have known about this studio a long time ago. I would highly recommend Canvastone to anyone wanting a great art experience and unique art pieces focusing on doing different mediums this is the place to go!!! 5 stars all the way!!!!!” - Stacie White


  • Painting classes for children ages 5 - 6, maximum 6 students per class.
  • Painting classes for children ages 7 - 18, maximum 7 students per class.
  • Soapstone carving classes for children ages 8 - 18, maximum 7 students per class.
  • Drawing classes fo children ages 8 - 18, maximum 7 students per class.
  • Digital Art classes for students ages 8 - 18, maximum 7 students per class.

We start in September and end in June with a month off around Christmas and time off around spring break. Students may START at any time, (space permitting) and may QUIT at any time.

  • Twice a month (once every second week) - 1.5 hours/ class

~These classes run Mondays through Thursdays, 4:00 p.m - 5:30 p.m and 6:00 p.m - 7:30 p.m. On Thursdays, we also offer classes from 12:45 p.m - 2:15 p.m. The children usually take painting for 5 months and soapstone for 5 months. We do have some students that choose to do just painting for the year and some that do soapstone for the year.

  • Once a month - 3 hours/ class

These classes run Friday 4 p.m - 7 p.m, Saturday 9:30 a.m -12:30 p.m or 1 p.m - 4 p.m, Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m or 1 p.m- 4 p.m. During this time the children paint for 1.5 hours and carve for the remaining 1.5 hours. We have a number of students who come from out of town, a 1 - 2 hour drive away. These classes work really well for them and also for others who are too busy to commit to classes during the week.

  • Once a week

Some children come once a week where they do painting one week and soapstone the next week.

  • Catch up with us

We offer catch up classes for students who need to miss due to holidays, illness or other conflicts in their schedules.

  • Early drop off/ Late pick up

If parents need to drop their children off early or pick them up late, we even accommodate that!


In the painting classes, we work mostly with acrylic, watercolour and watercolour pencils. Usually each painting takes two lessons to complete.

Every painting goes home in a frame chosen to match each project.

There is an extra ONE TIME COST per year for these frames, canvases and/or binder but the actual framing is at no extra cost. The look on the students’ faces when they see their work in frames is amazing which truly helps boost their self confidence!


In soapstone, the students carve a bear in the first session, a giraffe in the second session and after that, they may request almost anything they want. They are provided with a rough cut to simplify the process.

**The soapstone is imported from Brazil and is of the best quality.**

In the sculpting/carving, we follow an age old traditional methodology. This process is comprised of four major steps which are:

  • Cutting, carving and shaping
  • Smoothing
  • Wet sanding
  • Rub, buff and polish

In total, these four steps usually take between 8 to 10 sessions of 1.5 hours/session to complete, resulting in a finished piece of which the students are very proud.


For children ages 8 to 18 years.


Our studios are located on a beautiful acreage setting RIGHT IN THE CITY, close to The Hamptons, about a 4 minute drive from the River Cree Casino or the newest west end Costco. The well lit studios have high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. It is a very relaxed atmosphere in which to work. Music is played in the background which the students find very relaxing.

Parents and students may come and view the studios by calling to set up a day and time.

Canvaststone Studio Outside
Canvastone Studio Inside
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