Dear Parents/Guardians
Not only a great teacher at school but also a very dedicated art teacher, Penny MacInnis is busily teaching even when she is at home. She takes time out of her busy schedule to work with children of many ages. She carefully evaluates her student's artwork in order to improve their drawing skills and painting techniques in the future. One of my daughters has been taking art lessons from Mrs. MacInnis for almost 5 years, and I can definitely see the difference in her art between then and now.
Penny MacInnis works very well with young children because of her elementary teaching experience. She is very motivational, and keeps students wanting to try harder and move forward. The art projects that she picks are challenging and enjoyable for all. Her birch trees scenic drawing is very popular. Sometimes when kids finish their work, she frames them, which can make great gifts for the kids as well as their family. Before Christmas, they also make Christmas cards. I remember every person who got those cards was astonished by the quality of the students' art. They hardly believed that it was done by a kid the age of 10 or 11 years old.
Mrs. MacInnis covers many fields in art: painting, sketching, coloring, and recently, carving. Her husband, Terry MacInnis, taught the students how to carve bears last year , and this year, giraffes. This was unique because the students actually had something that was ompletely crafted by them, and they felt proud of all the hard work that they put into the project, the shaping, carving and sanding.
Her art classes are full of creativity and every art project she has been teaching is unique and looks so professional. You will be amazed by your kids' work with her.
I am an eleven year old girl and I love art. I have been to a lot of art classes and this one is the best one of them all. I like it because I learn new techniques and the paintings that we do are amazing. The art teacher Penny is very kind and helps us whenever we need help.
Penny and Terry are wonderful instructors. My 8 year old son felt at ease right away and was excited to start his art and soapstone carving experiences. The work that he has produced has earned space in our living room - we were so impressed!
Ms. Penny is an amazing art teacher. She has skilfully guided our children in creating some master-looking art pieces. They have been inspired to expand their imagination and creativity. We are very impressed.
Nhang and Grant
The classes are well structured and progressively more interesting without being crowded so that my son got the attention he needed. Plus it doesn't matter when you start - there is something new to learn in each class. And Penny and Terry are very accommodating (because life happens) to make sure your current art project gets completed.
I highly recommend Canvastone to budding artists - younger or older children - as Penny and Terry have a wealth of knowledge between the two of them! It is truly an amazing studio and one worth experiencing.
Barb Hergott
For the past 2 1/2 years my two boys have attended many art and soapstone carving lessons with Penny and Terry. Over this time they have created numerous projects. The quality of the finished products are outstanding. My boys are creating works of art that look like professionals did them. The pride they have when bringing home these items brings joy for my husband and I. The boys love Penny and Terry and they have become like family to all of us. Their ability to make the classes so enjoyable and entertaining keep the boys always asking to renew the lessons.
Martina and Cathal
For the past year my daughter has attended Penny's PRESCHOOL and then her KINDERGARTEN program twice a week. In these classes penny integrated art with reading writing, printing and math. Before attending these classes with Penny, my daughter had very little desire to learn her alphabet sounds or practice reading skills with me. After just one class it was like a light had been switched on. All she wanted to do was show me what she had learned in class and was begging to practice reading with everyone she could…even with friends of mine that came calling to the house! She learned so much in the five months she attended this preschool program. Penny is a master at making the young children learn without them knowing that they are. Penny and Terry love what they do and it shows in each and every lesson that they teach. My kids and my family are blessed to have known them and I very strongly recommend their class to all.
Thank you Penny for teaching me how to read and giving me the joy of reading because it is a fun lesson to do. I like to of art too. I have painted pictures of mountains, a rainbow, racoon, butterfly pictures all framed in my bedroom. I also made pictures for an alphabet book. I love Penny and Terry.
5 yrs. old
I have been attending Penny and Terry's art classes for over two and a half years, and in the time that they have been my mentors, it never ceases to amaze me what I am capable of doing. When I have completed a project, it fills me with joy and happiness that I can make a masterpiece that could possibly look like a professional artist did it. During this time I have done projects that range anywhere from a racoon to a beach or even some sunflowers and seeds. Penny and Terry offer subjects with both of my favourite tools; brushes and files, neither o which I have mastered, but that doesn't stop Penny and Terry from making it a fun and educational experience. If you are looking for an art or soapstone teacher, Canvastone Studio is the place for you!
Grade 7 student
My name is Ayesha, I am in grade 9 and this my third year in these art classes. I have had a truly wonderful experience. Penny and Terry are both talented teachers and I have learned many new techniques throughout my time here. Getting to know other students is exciting and learning how to do soapstone carving was very satisfying. We do insanely awesome projects. Thanks a lot for the experience!
I was searching for an art class for my son and I found Canvastone Studio online. When I first spoke to Penny, she was very friendly and found space for my son to start carving. My son loves carving. My son loves coming every time, working on paintings and soapstone. I have been exceptionally pleased with his finished work. If you have a chance to get your child(ren) in this art studio, it's worth it. I will make sure to send my son, Codell also to summer camp.
Loreli M.
Tylor and Mary count down to the second waiting for Thursdays so that they can go to see Penny and Terry. This is our first year. I wish we knew them before. Other than school, this is the only activity that my kids are always excited to to to. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Love Huong
I personally think that Penny is a great teacher. Her cases are amazing and she teaches us the coolest of things. Penny has spectacular art projects. I am almost certain that Penny's classes are the most awesome in all of Edmonton.
I like this art class/house because we do lots of cool things that I have never done before. I love doing the paintings with Penny when she always shows me cool ways to do it like when we mess up she says that it will turn out fine. I love doing the soapstone because it is really fun to do and it takes time, but it is worth the tine We learned do lots of cool ways to do stuff and do cool soapstone sculptures.
Codell M.
This is the best art class I have ever been to before! It is soooo fun. Penny and Terry are so nice and they give us two cookies! I have done both the painting and soapstone classes and I LOVE both the classes! Also the paint classes don't make you do the exact same thing as you were supposed to. You get to do your own thing.
The art classes are AWESOME!!! At first I didn't want to come because previous art classes tell you exactly why to do, but these art classes are different and creative. I have so much fun! We also have cookie breaks where we get to have 2 cookies!!! We get to make awesome paintings and I surprise myself every time I finish a painting because it's so good!! Lessons do not have so many students so you get the attention you need!
My 9 year old son and I received an art lesson with Penny as a Christmas gift. Penny was very flexible in planning our session around our busy schedule, which was incredibly nice of her. The lesson was amazing. Penny's way of instructing made the project that we did seem so easy and yet at the end of the session we had created beautiful paintings that look as though we'd been painting for years!! She even framed our paintings as part of it! She taught us in a way that simplified the project for my son, yet ws still enjoyable and challenging for myself. I would recommend these art lessons to every…..of all ages!!
My mom and I received an art lesson with Penny. For the art project that I thought I could never do. It looks like a pro did it. We made an awesome snowy picture. I recommend her art class for everyone.
Dear Mrs. MacInnis:
You are known as a superb teacher, for the nurturing, inclusive environment you create, and for your commitment to teaching and learning. Your outstanding abilities were recognized by others through your nomination and winning for 'An Act to Follow' award and nominations in 'Excellence in Teaching' awards. In a literature-rich environment, you have inspired curiosity and a love of learning in your students. By supporting school wide and extra-curricular activities, you provided another venue in which students could succeed. Your willingness to share resources and ideas demonstrated your belief in the importance of positive relationships and enhanced the school and learning community.
The special touches you always include for your families your outrageous story book costumes and your hard work will be missed. Retirement will bring time to relax, and renew, and time for family and friends.
I wish you all the best for along and happy retirement,
Yours truly,
Edgar Schmidt
Superintendent of Schools
I am impressed by the child friendly professionalism and fresh ideas that are introduced to the art students. My granddaughter is always eager to attend the bright and comfortable studio that compliments the creative and positive experience.
Fern TT
I just love Mrs MacInnis' art classes. When I finish a picture I can't wait to show my grandma when she picks me up. All my art work is on the living room wall at home, and my soap stone carving is in my room The cookie break we get is always good too.
Alana L.
I like Penny's art class because I get one on one attention in a group setting with my friends. I also enjoy going to art because Penny has all the materials ready for us and we learn new techniques. The cookies are always good too!
My son started classes with Penny MacInnis in her studio 2 years ago, and while I was worried that he wouldn't be able to sit for 1.5 hours and listen to instruction, my son painted intently and did beautiful pieces that I proudly showed to family and friends. The one thing that really stuck with me was when he had started a soapstone bear carving and rather than go for ice cream on the last day of school with his friends; he really wanted to go to the studio to finish his carving. That says a lot!
It is proudly on display in our basement and looks exactly like a piece of artwork you would buy in a gallery in Banff! I would definitely recommend Canvastone Studios and Penny and Terry Macinnis for your child….even if your child doesn't seem to be interested in art; they will be! I also think its very beneficial (especially for boys) to be able to sit and listen to instruction and be proud of the work they accomplish.
I like that we painte and i like paiteng. Becus the art we do is butufule.
I like art class with Ms. Penny because we get to do awesome art!! I hope you stay around! I also really like the cookie breaks.
I love art class.